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Faded are runners up in The Other Battle of The Bands, after playing a quality set which won them the battle of the bands at Perth Academy.
On thursday 2nd of may t.o.b.o.t.b. took place at curly-lloyds Perth. We were first to take the stage, and were very pleased with the support we got from the crowd. It was a mixed set of our own songs and covers, with songs like killing in the name and assault on society going down very well with the crowd.
A massive congratulations has to go out to PeN 15 who were the overall winners (nice 1 guys)

For those of you who have been bothered to continuosly read the messages on the PeN 15 guestbook you'll know that certaian people are stirring up s**t about us, we however are not phased by this and still hold our heads high. We'd like to take a moment to say we love you PeN 15 :) and dav you fancy me (gav)

PeN 15

Band Line-up
The line-up for the band has changed for some of our new material, in future gigs you'll see Gav on drums, myself (Dougie) on guitar, jason on guitar and vocals and Blairy on bass. This will give us a more dynamic sound and hopefully everyone who comes to see us will enjoy seeing some of the changes.

NEW SONGS!!!!!!!!
Gav and Dougie have recently finished 2 songs out of 5 new ones, they are titled suicide and set free. All of them have a very unique sound giving Faded a more defined style of rock music, be prepared for som fast HEAVY tunes at our come back gig which is yet to be scheduled.


Thats right folks, Jason Blyth AKA Floaf has returned from Australia to rejoin the band. In a press announcement Floaf revieled that he was happy to be back and was looking forward to giigin with Faded once more.
Shortly after his return the band headed straight for clearwater and had their first ever reunion jam, "it was as if they had never split, infact their sounding better than ever" said fan, Bennie Aitken......